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System Overview

Nereus builds autonomous control system to upgrade the operation of existing or new build marine vessels.

Nereus provides a “plug and play”installation using common vessel-based instruments to give the watercraft a degree of self-awareness.

Enabling the boat to self-motor from point-to-point while avoiding obstacles.

Our system improves the productivity, efficiency, and safety in hazardous environments.

Ground Station

A remote user interface is provided for command and control as well as data reception from the autonomous vessel.

Our Ground Control Station (GCS) is a mobile command solution that controls unmanned operations.

Multiple display screens, integrated with remote vessel control systems, can be used to track and manage the operations of a single vessel or an entire fleet.

The GCS communicates wirelessly with the autopilot via a secure router, allowing access to the throttle and steering of the boat as well as any onboard third-party sensors.

Vessel control system

We use industrial control architecture that is developed with robustness and reliability for hard-working vessels.

Nereus autonomous system,  allows any boat of any size, and with any propulsion system, to be quickly and easily converted to unmanned, providing autonomous capabilities without the cost of buying a separate vessel.

Once installed, users can remotely execute courses, and control the vessel’s throttle, steering and a wide array of third-party sensors such as radars, sonars and cameras.

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Angelos Pavlis

Business Development

John Mourgis

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