Nereus present at the International Shipping Exhibition “Posidonia 2018”

Nereus pitching at Posidonia 2018

Nereus pitching at Posidonia 2018

The BlueGrowth initiative aims to inspire and support start-ups with innovative ideas related to the blue economy. The selected participates in BlueGrowth’s incubation program created a strong foundation for entering the “business world” and as Nereus, we feel very excited about the guidance and support we received. The final presentation of the BlueGrowth’s incubated teams took place at the Posidonia 2018 International Shipping Exhibition.

The BlueGrowth initiative, also,  hosted three teams that have successfully demonstrated their innovative ideas at the PORTXL World Port Accelerator in Rotterdam. These teams were along with the BlueGrowth teams, reflecting the strong value that innovative ideas can offer in an emerging globalized and technologically dominant marine ecosystem.

Nereus demonstrated focus, obsession, and commitment on the result and pitched in front of a select audience made up of investors, venture capitalists, incubators and big innovative players in the maritime sectors looking for open innovation projects. This event was an opportunity for us to meet and connect with the people who will be essential to our development and help facilitate our growth.

We are thankful to Bluegrowth for helping us get to the point you’re today, now it’s time to move onward and upward!

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