Bluegrowth Incubation program and Nereus experience


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Bluegrowth is a marine challenge competition that seeks to deliver innovative sustainable business ideas for products and services relating to the blue economy. It aims to inspire and support startups with innovative ideas.

The selected teams from the competition, join the “incubation” program of Bluegrowth, building a strong foundation to enter the “business world”.

Nereus was part of the winning teams of the 4th incubation program of Bluegrowth’s, that had the opportunity to participate in the program.

Somebody would say, that the whole reason for you to go to an incubator, should be to achieve perfection to your idea/venture/startup before you vulnerably stand before the investors. Startups focus isn’t on just “doing the program” but it’s on actually building a brilliant business. Those are the ones that flourish in incubator programs.

These days on the incubator were more valuable than MBA degrees as you’ve gotten real experience executing rather than learning theory or doing simulated projects in classrooms.

Actually, we think that it worths to take the effort and join because you start from the inside out.

First, you learn about yourself, your passion, your mission, your vision and your ambition and after you try to connect them all together and integrate with your business perspectives.

Whether it leads to business success or failure one thing is certain. It worths the experience and after all, you have become a better person because you know your self and you can prioritize your own needs, desires, and dreams! Moreover, it was the first time we learned about the significance of cooperation between teams and mentors in order to give value each other. We know that value comes from good teams and their work and not by a single’s person effort.

Wish the Bluegrowth coordinator team and mentors the best and we express our gratitude for your support!

Thank you!

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