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Posidonia Presentation of Emerging Piraeus Maritime Startups

Nereus present at the International Shipping Exhibition “Posidonia 2018”

The BlueGrowth initiative aims to inspire and support start-ups with innovative ideas related to the blue economy. The selected participates in BlueGrowth’s incubation program created a strong foundation for entering the “business world” and as Nereus, we feel very excited about the guidance and support we received. The final presentation of the BlueGrowth’s incubated teams took […]
by Angelos Pav / June 10, 2018 /In News
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Bluegrowth Incubation program and Nereus experience

  Bluegrowth is a marine challenge competition that seeks to deliver innovative sustainable business ideas for products and services relating to the blue economy. It aims to inspire and support startups with innovative ideas. The selected teams from the competition, join the “incubation” program of Bluegrowth, building a strong foundation to enter the “business world”. […]
by Angelos Pav / June 5, 2018 /In News