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Nereus environmental assessment

System Overview

The Nereus platform is a 1m, rugged, all fiberglass unmanned marine system. It’s capable of long endurance operation, can carry a significant payload and can be equipped with a wide array of equipment, including sonar, HD video feeds, water quality hardware and more.

It is propelled by a low draft propeller and equipped with a 16.8v 16ah (2.6kw) power system standard – enough for 5.6 hours of operation.

The large hull and easy-access hatches allow for heavy payloads or additional batteries to be installed, further enhancing its capabilities.

Our system improves the productivity, efficiency, and safety in hazardous environments.

Ground Station

A remote user interface is provided for command and control as well as data reception from the autonomous vessel.

The included autopilot and wireless data link allow complex waypoint based missions to be created simply with Mission Planner software – greatly increasing your survey accuracy and ease of use. Heading Lock mode allows you to operate the Nereus semi-manually while drawing ultra- straight GPS heading locked-on bathymetric survey lines. We also offer real-time video feed using HD Video streaming over 4g.

The Nereus is compatible with hydrographic data acquisition software and uses the standard NMEA data format for data interface.


Vessel control system&payloads

The Nereus can be equipped with a range of payloads for functions such as hydrographic surveying, search & rescue, location-tagged water sample collection, water quality monitoring and inspections.

The Nereus includes an autopilot as standard equipment. It can operate in both fully autonomous, heading lock, or manual modes and features a real-time data link allowing new waypoint based missions to be uploaded wirelessly, current pitch/roll/heading and other information to be seen in real time.

For a turnkey survey-grade system, the Nereus can be outfitted with single-beam, multi-beam, and side scan sonar systems from well-known suppliers according to customer’s specifications and needs.

For water quality sampling we use our own sampling probe system and for water parameter collection we use our supplier’s reliable solution. Any combination of equipment you need can be integrated and customized to your needs.

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